Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cichlids Aquariums for Restaurantsand Bars

Cichlids  Aquariums for Restaurants

With the introduction of the smoking ban in 2006 closely followed by a global economic crisis, and now the clamp down on drinks promotions, times have never been harder for restaurants and bars. It really is getting into the zone where only the fittest survive. Establishments that are still doing well are now spending money of refurbishments to ensure that they're business stands out from the rest and continue to attract customers in. So how do aquariums fit into this? Well, having an aquarium in your bar or restaurant can add that extra bit of wow factor. This article aims to give a little overview of how you can utilize fish tanks in your bar.

Bar Aquariums

Replacing an old style bar for an ‘aquarium bar' really can add a wow factor to your establishment. What could be more interesting for you punters that to have a tank full of fish to lean on whilst waiting to order their next drink? There are many companies that manufacture bespoke aquariums and most of them will be able to design and build a tank that can either serve as a bar, or fit into an existing bar. Typically these tanks will be quite large, so you should also have quite a large choice when it comes to what fish and how many you'd like to stock in your tank.

Table Aquariums

Being slightly smaller, these can be more affordable but you will probably have to purchase more than just one to populate your bar with ‘tank tables'. However, the effect of having these throughout your restaurant or bar can be stunning and is perfect for the more upmarket end of bars that are wishing to attract the young professional market. The lighting options for these tanks can be just as varied as the aquariums themselves, and you can choose to light the tanks subtly or go for a stronger lighting design. The company who designs the tanks for you should be able to advise you on lighting options and through experience should have a good idea of what will work best in your situation.


Obviously, if you are having aquariums designed and built purely for aesthetic reasons, you must make sure you think about the maintenance of the tanks. There are companies that specialise in aquarium maintenance, however it is important you understand the basics even if you hire someone in to take care of the work. No one will want to be drinking over a table full of algae and floating dead fish so it is vital that the water is kept clear and healthy for the fish.

It is recommended that you purchase some water testing kits to try and spot problems before they get out of hand. Also ensure that water changes are carried out at regular intervals (every one to two weeks is best) and that the glass is regularly scraped to get rid of any unwanted algae. As long as you are willing to maintain, or pay someone to maintain your aquariums, they will certainly add atmosphere to your place.


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